ZIPSET® Process Inks

Tokyo Printing Ink Corporation offers three general purpose four color process series. The FF Process Series, GP-1 Process Series, and XL-R Process Series all have the same ZIPSET® advantages of being stable on high speed presses, bleed resistant, quick setting, and most importantly, consistent from batch to batch.

To protect against costly delays it is critical to use an ink with the correct formulation for the job being printed. When choosing a process series there are several variables to be taken into consideration, including the type and speed of press, stock, and plates. No matter what your needs, we have a process series that will work for you.

FF Process Series

ZIPSET® FF Process Series , being the fastest and hardest drying ink line, is the ultimate production ink. The highest pigmented series made with dry pigments allows for greater detail in shadow areas. It has excellent ink and water balance at lower densities and runs great without the use of alcohol. View the product data sheet for FF Process Inks.

GP-1 Non Skin Process Series

ZIPSET® GP-1 Non Skin Process Series is similar to the FF Process Series with greater stability in the ink fountain (does not skin in the fountain). With its ability to stay open on the press, GP-1 delivers excellent work and turn capabilities on all presses. It will remain stable on the press for extended periods of time without skinning and is capable of running high quality work on DiddeWebs (Non-Heatset). Due to its strong blue shade, GP-1 Process Black can be used as a last down black or perfection black. View the product data sheet for GP-1 Process Inks.

XL-R Process Series

ZIPSET® XL-R Process Series offers a high water tolerance reducing emulsification and toning problems, making it better on smaller or older presses with or without conventional dampeners. Its decreased pigmentation allows for a thicker ink film on all presses (suitable for duplicator presses). View the product data sheet for XL-R Process Inks.

Vegetable oil based
Heat resistant
Laser safe
Very fast drying
High Rub Resistance
UV Coatable
Foil Stampable
Excellent for work and turn and in-line printing
Non Skin
Hard Dry
Standard Quality