Pantone & Special Mix Colors

ZIPSETŪ provides 16 base Pantone colors used to mix and achieve a spectrum of colors. All bases have the same ZIPSETŪ advantages of being stable on high speed presses, bleed resistant, quick setting, and most importantly, consistent from batch to batch. ZIPSETŪ Pantone Colors are suitable for aqueous coating, UV coating, foil stamping, laminating, and are laser safe.*


Pantone Yellow Pantone Violet
Pantone 012 Yellow * Pantone 072 Blue *
Pantone 021 Orange * Pantone Reflex Blue
Pantone Warm Red Pantone Process Blue
Pantone 032 Red * Pantone Green
Pantone Rubine Red Pantone Black
Pantone Rhodamine Red Pantone Opaque White *
Pantone Purple Pantone Transparent White

* Available in pails for an additional charge.


5lb cans are press ready for the printers convenience. 40lb pails are Non Dry to reduce waste and are beneficial for larger jobs and mixing.


The Pantone Color Matching System is used to specify, match, and control ink colors. Additional custom colors can be matched based on customer specific paper, gloss, density, tack, and individual needs. Non Skin, Hard Dry, High Tack, and Low Tack formulations are also available upon request.

Special mix colors are offered in 1lb, 2lb, 5lb, and 40lb containers.

View the product data sheet for Pantones & Custom Mixes


Due to the many variables inherent in the printing process, which are beyond the control of the ink maker, the different types of laser equipment employed and the various coating available, we cannot assume responsibility for the final outcome of the printed job. Prior to printing please contact Tokyo Printing Ink Corporation or your Dealer for a technical evaluation.

* In addition, due to the inherent qualities of the pigments used in Rhodamine Red, Purple, Violet and Reflex Blue, these colors should under most applications not be used when the printed product is to be U.V. Coated.