Printing Inks - The ZipsetŪ Advantage


Inks from ZIPSETŪ include Process Inks, Pantone colors, Pantone Base colors, Offset Blacks, Metallics, Fluorescents and Varnishes. Many of these inks are available in special formulations including NON SKIN and HARD DRY.


Because of its many quality features, ZIPSETŪ can reduce the ink inventories a printer needs to maintain and reduce the chance of human error when selecting ink from inventory.

  • ZIPSETŪ is WAX-FREE so that all ZIPSETŪ oil based inks can be aqueous coated and foil stamped while maintaining very good rub resistance.
  • ZIPSETŪ is HEAT RESISTANT so that printed material can be UV coated and run through a laser printer or high heat copier without the ink remelting.*
  • ZIPSETŪ is FAST DRYING, usually 50% faster than conventional oil based inks.
  • ZIPSETŪ is HIGH SPEED STABLE and will not mist or fling on new high-speed presses.
  • ZIPSETŪ is capable of printing 700 LINE SCREENS.
  • ZIPSETŪ is SAFE to use on presses equipped with I.R. driers and will give the printer almost instant dry.
  • ZIPSETŪ meets V.O.C. standards and HEAVY METAL requirements.
  • ZIPSETŪ is ISO 9001 Certified.


ZIPSETŪ is manufactured using highly concentrated, finely ground pigments. This allows the printer to print a thinner ink film while obtaining higher density of color and maintaining maximum dot control, thus opening up detail in the printed piece especially in the shadow areas.

ZIPSETŪ is extremely consistent batch to batch, year after year. With this degree of consistency make-ready time, down time and turn around time is reduced. Production, profit and the working environment are improved.


All ZIPSETŪ inks are backed by the excellent service and competitive pricing of TOKYO PRINTING INK CORPORATION U.S.A.


Due to the many variables inherent in the printing process, which are beyond the control of the ink maker, the different types of laser equipment employed and the various coating available, we cannot assume responsibility for the final outcome of the printed job. Prior to printing please contact Tokyo Printing Ink Corporation or your Dealer for a technical evaluation.

* In addition, due to the inherent qualities of the pigments used in Rhodamine Red, Purple, Violet and Reflex Blue, these colors should under most applications not be used when the printed product is to be U.V. Coated.